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Why Do Black Women’s Lives Only Matter When We’re Entertaining on TV?

The success of television shows such as Empire—starring Taraji P. Henson as the inimitable, indomitable, and downright inspirational Cookie Lyon—and How To Get Away With Murder—headed by Viola Davis in all her stony, complex wonder—has demonstrated irrefutably that the public is interested in tuning into stories driven by and exploring the many-layered lives of Black women. The ratings for the former… Read more →

Silent No More: A Black Feminist Meditation on Pornography

There is a silence within Black feminism, an empty chasm, surrounding the issue of pornography. There are reams of literature by white feminists on the subject of pornographic material and its place (or lack thereof) in an ideal feminist society. One of the most profound divides in the feminist community stems from the ‘Sex Wars’ of the 1970s and 1980s,… Read more →

White Feminists Cannot Ignore Black Feminists’ Struggle For Reproductive Justice

There is an understandable distrust of the feminist movement amongst many Black women. Historically, the push for women’s emancipation has been a facade for the perpetuation of a specific form of ‘empowerment’ only relevant to privileged white women. This shallow conception of feminism relies on a glorification of “equality”—that is, equal access to patriarchal, neoliberal systems created by white men… Read more →