Sensitivity Reading

Have you written copy, essays, books or articles that concern subjects related to Blackness, mixed-race issues, womanhood, queer/lesbian sexuality, eating disorders or depression?

Are you worried that you may have used the incorrect terminology or otherwise misrepresented the subjects you’re discussing due to not having lived experience of the above?

If so, you can hire me to work as a sensitivity reader.

What is a sensitivity reader? 

A sensitivity reader reads through pieces of text for issues related to the portrayal of marginalised identities and for instances of bias on the page.  A sensitivity reader reviews the ways in which language is used or stories are told in order to avoid mistakes being made that could cause harm or offence.

Either hired by individual authors or by publishing houses, sensitivity readers are members of a minority group tasked specifically with examining manuscripts for hurtful, inaccurate, or inappropriate depictions of that group, a sensitivity reader can give you peace of mind and help to protect against backlash in the future.

Email me @ kesienaboom[at]gmail[dot]com for discussion of rates.