6 Black Celebs Y’All Can Take Back

Black people are not a monolith. Our opinions and beliefs are as diverse as the shades that our skin comes in. Despite what mainstream media would like white people to believe, there is no one way to think, talk, or act as a Black person. However, this doesn’t mean that we accept any and all bullshit that comes out of… Read more →

Why Some of Us Will Not, Cannot, and Do Not Post about Baltimore

The events unfolding in Baltimore at the moment are depressingly familiar: Police officer uses excessive force and kills an unarmed Black person. Black people take peacefully to the streets to express their despair and desire for change. The police escalate the situation. Violence erupts. The media and individuals online express their disgust at the Black protesters. Black people take to… Read more →

An Introductory Guide To Being A Better Ally To Your Black LGBTQ Sisters

It’s a well-documented fact that shared oppression does not always foster a supportive and united front. Black women are super aware of the ways in which Black men—despite our joint experiences under racism—are often all too quick to step on us; perpetuate and dismiss our experiences of misogynoir; and gloss over our specific problems under white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. This… Read more →

Silent No More: A Black Feminist Meditation on Pornography

There is a silence within Black feminism, an empty chasm, surrounding the issue of pornography. There are reams of literature by white feminists on the subject of pornographic material and its place (or lack thereof) in an ideal feminist society. One of the most profound divides in the feminist community stems from the ‘Sex Wars’ of the 1970s and 1980s,… Read more →

White Feminists Cannot Ignore Black Feminists’ Struggle For Reproductive Justice

There is an understandable distrust of the feminist movement amongst many Black women. Historically, the push for women’s emancipation has been a facade for the perpetuation of a specific form of ‘empowerment’ only relevant to privileged white women. This shallow conception of feminism relies on a glorification of “equality”—that is, equal access to patriarchal, neoliberal systems created by white men… Read more →