How to be the Ultimate Sex Party Guest

So you’re going to a sex party, because why the fuck not? It’s 2017 and you definitely should make some time for a little bit of sex partying before the world ends right? Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been to a couple before. Either way, the following tips will ensure that you’re the ultimate sex party… Read more →

How Polyamory Can Improve a Relationship

Polyamory…what is it?! Well, it’s just a word for “consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy“. That is, a poly person will openly engage in (or be open to engaging in) more than one intimate relationship at a time. One might have two girlfriends, or a husband and a boyfriend, or be casually dating multiple people. The scope and scale of what a poly… Read more →

When a Fetish Becomes Harmful

Our sex lives are highly personal, so it makes sense that when certain aspects of them are scrutinized, people can become defensive. However, sex is not part of a magical separate sphere immune to social structures of oppression. Therefore, the doors of the bedroom are not a hard line where all critique disappears when it’s crossed. It’s important to remember… Read more →

Hollow Rhetoric: Why Theresa May and Justine Greening Aren’t Enough for LGBT Women

Read my latest article in the October 2016 issue of DIVA Magazine available to purchase here: http://divadigital.co.uk/viewmagazine.aspx?title=DIVA+Magazine&titleid=33   The article exposes how Theresa May and Justine Greening’s rhetoric of social justice is merely a facade covering a deeply unprogressive and hurtful voting record. Their appointments to Prime Minister and Women + Equalities/Education Minister are far from good news for lesbian/bisexual… Read more →

Why I’m A Lesbian In A Queer Era

This is an excerpt from my essay in the November 2015 issue of DIVA, available to buy here – http://www.divamag.co.uk/subscriptions/digital.aspx   “Lesbians face derision from all angles- we still need physical places to have as our own, to name as our own and to build community in. Women’s marginalisation is not the sole preserve of the heterosexual world and if we… Read more →

Queer Sex: Compulsory sexuality and sex-positivity

Read my latest essay on the intersection of misogynistic compulsory sexuality and queer sex positivity in the Sex issue of Ladybeard, a beautifully made feminist magazine available here – http://www.ladybeardmagazine.co.uk/shop/the-sex-issue   “The Sex Issue looks at sex – in the sexual, reproductive, romantic, mind-blowing, disappointing, traumatic, formative sense. We are raised to think that men and women are inherently different, that our… Read more →

As A Black Lesbian, Queerness Is Not Made In My Image

… I go to bars, I go to clubs. I am surrounded by pale faces. There is something akin to awe in their gazes and the slight tilt of their heads as I pass, actions laced with the slightly sinister. Their lust laps over; it is leaking from their pores and covering me, strengthening me. I am galvanised. Made strong… Read more →

On Disney’s “The Princess of North Sudan” and the Audacity of White Entitlement

Disney’s record on racism is less than stellar, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be improving anytime soon with the furor surrounding the company’s announcement that a new film, The Princess of North Sudan, is in development. Last Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Stephany Folsom, a well respected screenwriter would be on board to pen the movie, which also boasts… Read more →

Y’all Women Can Walk Out The House Half-Naked If We Want

It seems that many people have forgotten—in this era of regressive and misogynistic laws about birth control and fetus ‘personhood’—but women have the right to this little thing called bodily autonomy. That is, just like men, we have the right to do whatever we damn well please with our bodies. This includes larger issues like the choice to have an… Read more →

Why Do Black Women’s Lives Only Matter When We’re Entertaining on TV?

The success of television shows such as Empire—starring Taraji P. Henson as the inimitable, indomitable, and downright inspirational Cookie Lyon—and How To Get Away With Murder—headed by Viola Davis in all her stony, complex wonder—has demonstrated irrefutably that the public is interested in tuning into stories driven by and exploring the many-layered lives of Black women. The ratings for the former… Read more →

6 Black Celebs Y’All Can Take Back

Black people are not a monolith. Our opinions and beliefs are as diverse as the shades that our skin comes in. Despite what mainstream media would like white people to believe, there is no one way to think, talk, or act as a Black person. However, this doesn’t mean that we accept any and all bullshit that comes out of… Read more →

Why Some of Us Will Not, Cannot, and Do Not Post about Baltimore

The events unfolding in Baltimore at the moment are depressingly familiar: Police officer uses excessive force and kills an unarmed Black person. Black people take peacefully to the streets to express their despair and desire for change. The police escalate the situation. Violence erupts. The media and individuals online express their disgust at the Black protesters. Black people take to… Read more →

An Introductory Guide To Being A Better Ally To Your Black LGBTQ Sisters

It’s a well-documented fact that shared oppression does not always foster a supportive and united front. Black women are super aware of the ways in which Black men—despite our joint experiences under racism—are often all too quick to step on us; perpetuate and dismiss our experiences of misogynoir; and gloss over our specific problems under white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. This… Read more →

Silent No More: A Black Feminist Meditation on Pornography

There is a silence within Black feminism, an empty chasm, surrounding the issue of pornography. There are reams of literature by white feminists on the subject of pornographic material and its place (or lack thereof) in an ideal feminist society. One of the most profound divides in the feminist community stems from the ‘Sex Wars’ of the 1970s and 1980s,… Read more →

White Feminists Cannot Ignore Black Feminists’ Struggle For Reproductive Justice

There is an understandable distrust of the feminist movement amongst many Black women. Historically, the push for women’s emancipation has been a facade for the perpetuation of a specific form of ‘empowerment’ only relevant to privileged white women. This shallow conception of feminism relies on a glorification of “equality”—that is, equal access to patriarchal, neoliberal systems created by white men… Read more →