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When a Fetish Becomes Harmful

Our sex lives are highly personal, so it makes sense that when certain aspects of them are scrutinized, people can become defensive. However, sex is not part of a magical separate sphere immune to social structures of oppression. Therefore, the doors of the bedroom are not a hard line where all critique disappears when it’s crossed. It’s important to remember… Read more →

Society’s Obsession with Penetrative Sex is Messing with our Orgasms

Hi! So I recently landed a twice-a-month sex column writing for Unbound, a New York based female owned/run sex toy start up who make beautiful sex toys which double up as elegant jewellery. My first column instalment focuses on the joys of non-penetrative sex and questions why penetration is seen as the be all and end all. Check out an… Read more →

Hollow Rhetoric: Why Theresa May and Justine Greening Aren’t Enough for LGBT Women

Read my latest article in the October 2016 issue of DIVA Magazine available to purchase here: http://divadigital.co.uk/viewmagazine.aspx?title=DIVA+Magazine&titleid=33   The article exposes how Theresa May and Justine Greening’s rhetoric of social justice is merely a facade covering a deeply unprogressive and hurtful voting record. Their appointments to Prime Minister and Women + Equalities/Education Minister are far from good news for lesbian/bisexual… Read more →

Why I’m A Lesbian In A Queer Era

This is an excerpt from my essay in the November 2015 issue of DIVA, available to buy here – http://www.divamag.co.uk/subscriptions/digital.aspx   “Lesbians face derision from all angles- we still need physical places to have as our own, to name as our own and to build community in. Women’s marginalisation is not the sole preserve of the heterosexual world and if we… Read more →

Queer Sex: Compulsory sexuality and sex-positivity

Read my latest essay on the intersection of misogynistic compulsory sexuality and queer sex positivity in the Sex issue of Ladybeard, a beautifully made feminist magazine available here – http://www.ladybeardmagazine.co.uk/shop/the-sex-issue   “The Sex Issue looks at sex – in the sexual, reproductive, romantic, mind-blowing, disappointing, traumatic, formative sense. We are raised to think that men and women are inherently different, that our… Read more →

Thanks For Nothing: Black Women Don’t Owe White Feminism A Damn Thing

White women’s mediocrity and propensity for wanting credit where none is due are the background noise of basic-ass feminism. This low level buzzing of bullshit is annoying as hell, but I’ve mainly gotten used to it and can usually go about my business without paying it much mind. Sometimes, however, the buzz becomes so high pitched and ridiculous that I… Read more →

On the Nurturing Potential of Black Lesbian Relationships

For anyone who knows me — and quite a few people who don’t (thanks to this essay I recently published about the whole sorry mess) — it’s no secret that I have made some really awful decisions with regard to my love life. To be specific, it is widely known that for a significant period of time I dated and lusted… Read more →

As A Black Lesbian, Queerness Is Not Made In My Image

… I go to bars, I go to clubs. I am surrounded by pale faces. There is something akin to awe in their gazes and the slight tilt of their heads as I pass, actions laced with the slightly sinister. Their lust laps over; it is leaking from their pores and covering me, strengthening me. I am galvanised. Made strong… Read more →